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Our Applications Cover A Diverse Customer Audience

We have extensive experience to bringing end to end solutions to customers. The digital transformation of any business requires a well designed and planned solution in order to succeed.

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Experienced  Development Team

Ena Technologies has been active for more than 15 years now making it one of the oldest IT companies in Cyprus. Over the years we have amassed extensive experience in IT and business matters.


Our Software is quick, lean, and market-focused.

We build systems and utilise technologies to meet the specific needs of each and every individual customer. With correct planning we always aim to achieve an optimal and cost efficient result. Ena Technologies owns an advanced systems infrastructure that enables us to provide a reliable  service to our customers with sufficient resources planned for the needs of every system we provide.


Empower connectivity in your business.

A business that is able to utilise digital channels efficiently is able to increase its sales in an efficient and cost effective manner. This is exactly what we can help you do. Build interconnected systems that will enable you to promote your products and to local and international customer and open up new sales channels.

Ena Technologies has been active in the IT and business industry for more than 15 years making it one of the oldest IT companies in Cyprus.

Take Your Business To The Next Level

The business environment is constantly evolving. It is essential for a business to adjust to the environment in order to progress into the future. A good example is the energy industry. In the 1800s coal was the main energy source then oil came along. Companies which did not evolve to the “new” standard did not succeed in the new era.

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